Galal-Edeen, Galal H. Prof. Dr.
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Teaching Staff
Team Leaders
One Day (9:00am- 4:00pm)
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· The essential nature of innovation.

· Critical success factors for making innovation happen.

· Connecting students & staff with society: internships and alumni

· Background research and innovation problem framing.

· Policy and Strategy aspects of managing innovation in academia.

· Enabling innovation: setting up your ecosystem.


Learning Outcome: 

· Explain the difference between innovation and invention.

· Identify the critical aspects of a healthy innovation ecosystem within a research/ teaching establishment.

· Appreciate the role of thorough problem analysis and background research.

· Appreciate the criticality of setting up multiple connections and multi-disciplinarily.

· Value the importance of setting up proper policy and strategies for innovation.


Organizational Remarks: 

Training methods include:

· Presentations; Group work & planning exercises; Discussions & interactive sessions.

· Data Show, Laptop, Flipchart + paper, Soft Board, Flash Cards, Pins, Blank Papers, Pens, Markers, Glue, Scotch Tape.