Dr. Maha Bali
Language Of Instruction: 
One Day (9:00am- 4:00pm)
Module Code: 

This one-day workshop will explore diverse opportunities for scholarly collaboration. Participants will draw on their own previous experiences of conducting or observing scholarly collaboration, in order to devise plans for potential scholarly collaborations in their own context. Participants will reflect on their own strengths and areas in which collaboration can support their work further, and examine different approaches to finding collaborators and initiating productive collaborations locally and internationally. The workshop will also cover approaches and tools for supporting collaborative scholarship and addressing its challenges


Learning Outcome: 

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

· Analyze own strengths, ways one can contribute to collaborative scholarship

· Analyze areas in own field where collaboration would be beneficial, and which kinds - justify areas in own practice where collaboration has greatest potential

· Evaluate different approaches to finding collaborators and identify most appropriate for own needs and contexts

· Propose approaches to addressing challenges of collaborative scholarship

· Prepare a "plan" for beginning scholarly collaboration in the short term

· Compose changes one could do to own habits to help with long term collaboration


Organizational Remarks: 

Training Methods:

· Presentations; Group work & case studies; Discussions & interactive sessions

· Data Show, Laptop, Flipchart + paper, Soft Board, Flash Cards, Pins, Blank Papers, Pens, Markers, Glue, Scotch Tape.