Drewes, Sonja Ms.
Language Of Instruction: 
Target Group: 
PhD Candidates
Post Docs
Team Leaders
1 Day - Six Hours
Module Code: 

This workshops aims to develop and combine your leadership, change management and communication skills in order to succeed and push change through in your organization, department or team. You'll explore different leadership styles and when to use them. Also, you'll get to know how to apply the 8-step-process of organizational change and learn how to communicate change effectively to staff resisting it by using conversational change techniques.  

Learning Outcome: 

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Know different leadership styles and how to apply them appropriately
  • Know how to create a change culture in your organization, department or team and lead others successfully through challenging times
  • Be able to use advanced communication skills for results, support and motivation of others   
Organizational Remarks: 

Training Methods:

  • Theoretical inputs and presentations

  • Practice through open class and group discussions, interactive sessions, case studies, role playing and more

Necessary tools:

  • Data show, laptop, flipchart, soft board, flash cards, pins, blank papers, pens, markers, glue, scotch tape