Drewes, Sonja Ms.
Language Of Instruction: 
Target Group: 
PhD Candidates
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1 Day (6 + 1 hours / 9am-4pm)
Module Code: 
  • Meaning of change

  • Coping with fear and resistance

  • The stages of the change process

  • Facing future changes 

Learning Outcome: 
  • Participants understand the meaning of change and the stages of the change process.

  • They reflect on changes in their lives and learn how to cope effectively with future changes.

  • They develop strategies to face the challenges of change. 

Organizational Remarks: 

Training Methods:

  • Theoretical inputs and presentations

  • Practice through open class and group discussions, interactive sessions, case studies, role playing and more

 Necessary tools:

  • Data show, laptop, flip chart, soft board, flash cards, pins, blank papers, pens, markers, glue, scotch tape