Drewes, Sonja Ms.
Language Of Instruction: 
Target Group: 
PhD Candidates
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Team Leaders
1 Day (6 + 1 hours / 9am-5pm)
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Teamwork happens whenever a group of people works together towards a common goal. Herein each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group. While the person is still important, teamwork goes beyond the accomplishments of each individual. In this active workshop experience how teamwork evolves; and how you, as an individual, fulfill your role within the team to accomplish the goal.

Learning Outcome: 

·         Understand your team role and the team roles of others in order to accomplish the goal

·         Experience and be able to identify the different stages of the team development process

·         Develop mutual understanding and support in cooperation with others

Be sensitized for your own attitude and behavior working with others and the effect on teamwork

Organizational Remarks: 

Training Methods:

  • Theoretical inputs and presentations

  • Practice through open class and group discussions, interactive sessions, case studies, role playing and more

Necessary tools:
  • Data show, laptop, flipchart, soft board, flash cards, pins, blank papers, pens, markers, glue, scotch tape