Drewes, Sonja Ms.
Language Of Instruction: 
Target Group: 
PhD Candidates
Post Docs
Team Leaders
One Day (09:00-16:00)
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While most of us believe we are good in communication, and
in most cases we are, then why as a team we face multiple mis-communications? Poor communication between team members
is a major factor for teams to fail and can lead from unnecessary tension via anxiety through to conflicts amongst team members.



In this active workshop you will gain useful insight on yourcommunication patterns and behavior styles. The game based practice of basic communication techniques, such as active listening, giving and receiving instructions or feedback, etc. help you to get better results in the work with others and enhance the information flow in your team.

Learning Outcome: 
  • Analyse your communication style and know how to communicate effectively with people of other styles

  • Develop mutual understanding and clearer communication
    to facilitate the cooperation with other team members

  • Improve your questioning and listening skills

Know how to give and receive constructive feedback for
better work results

Organizational Remarks: 


Room setup: chairs in half circle, no tables required, free space for teambuilding activities;

Data Show, Laptop, Flipchart, Flipchart Paper, Soft Board, Flash Cards, Pins, Blank Papers, Pens, Markers, Glue, Scotch Tape