Dr. Marc Milling & Mr. Stefan Fahrner M.A.
14.07.18- 15.07.18 (09:00- 16:30)
Special Module
Language of Instruction: 
Steigenberger Hotel, Down Town
Target Group: 

Target group of the module are DAAD Alumni, PhD Candidates, PhD holders and Post Docs.


Successful workshops are more or less based on a target oriented, customer driven set-up and build on specific methods which are oriented on the individual workshop phases. But not only the didactical planning is an important key success factor, also the trainer and his role perception is vital. In this two days module we are going to display, discuss and to reflect important planning steps and their challenges leading to fruitful workshops.

Learning Outcome: 


After this module you will have:


  • A specific understanding of adult centred (andragogical) teaching and learning needs.

  • A deeper knowledge of proper workshop planning and the related phases.

  • A differentiated role perception, concerning the different requirements trainers should be able to fulfil.

A broad overview on methods in adult learning contexts (workshops).

Organizational Remarks: 

All shown presentations will be distributed (to bring an usb-stick is recommended).

Trainer's Profile: 

Dr. Marc Milling:

- Owner Dr. Milling Consulting.

- Head of Department of economics at the University of

  Education Schwaebisch Gmuend.

- Co-Founder of the Arab-German Master program INEMA

  (International Education Management, Helwan University &

  Ludwigsburg University of Education).

At present, he coaches different project leaders and managers in the automotive sector.


Stefan Fahrner M.A. is head of department for social sciences at the teacher training facility in Ludwigsburg since 2016. He trains and coaches young teachers to become a secondary 1 teacher. Before he worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Educational Leadership at the Ludwigsburg University of education in the department of Economics and International Educational Leadership. Being a staff member of INEMA he has been lecturing on: capacity development and education systems, change management, economics of education and problem based didactical environments. His research interests focus on the one hand on didactical challenges in regard to the implementation of new curriculums and change processes in educational institutions in regard to quality management processes/evaluation results.

Target Degree: