Mr. Stefan Kruse
Two- Days Workshop (07.- 08.11.18 from 09:00 till 16:30)
Specail Module
Language of Instruction: 
Marriott Hotel, Zamalek Tower, The "View" Meeting Room, 20th Floor
Target Group: 

This seminar appeals to those who seek an in-depth introduction to the powerful statistical software package, named Stata. The course focuses on handling the software, embedded in the context of selected analytical problems. Hence, familiarity with basic statistical concepts will be assumed. No prior experience with Stata or any other statistical package is required. 



The workshop provides an overview of the epistemological and methodological basis of empirical social research and its application using the statistical software package Stata.

Based on the logic of social inquiry and recurrent methodological issues, such as causality, this two-day seminar will provide basic skills of how to handle the software, introducing this program's data management, graphics, analysis, and modeling capabilities.

Learning Outcome: 


Students acquire a basic understanding of the logic of empirical research and of analyzing and interpreting empirical evidence using Stata.

Participants will learn how to perform continuous and categorical data comparisons and linear regression analysis. The seminar will teach participants how to incorporate these results directly into research reports. Participants completing the seminar will have gained the ability to confidently use Stata to organize and analyze data.

Organizational Remarks: 

This course is a block seminar.

Trainer's Profile: 

Stefan Kruse is a postdoctoral research associate at the Institute of Political Science, Leuphana University Lüneburg. His research focus is on participation and development research. He has several years of experience in teaching statistics and methods of social science using different statistical packages.

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