Galal-Edeen, Galal H. Prof. Dr.
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Target Group: 
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Teaching Staff
Team Leaders
1 Day (6 + 1 hours / 9am-4pm)
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  • Types of research proposals.
  • The research funding call.
  • The characteristic of a winning proposal.
  • Preparing to write a proposal: what are the steps?
  • Working with a team to develop a proposal.
  • What happens after submission?
  • Editorial matters


Learning Outcome: 

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

· Explain the concept of a competitive research proposal.

· Identify the main characteristics of a winning proposal.

· Identify the main reasons for proposal non-acceptance.

· Explain the various sections of a typical competitive research proposal.

· Plan effectively for generating a good research proposal.

· Appreciate the importance of paying close attention to the call for research funding proposal.

· Value early planning and acting for writing a proposal


Organizational Remarks: 

Necessary tools:

  • Data show + laptop
  • Flip-chart + paper sheets
  • Pin board + cards
  • White board + colored markers