Andreas Eimer, M.A., M.Sc. & Dr. Jan Knauer
3 days Online Module with self-study in between (Monday, 13th July: 9a.m.-1p.m., Thursday, 16th July: 9a.m.-11a.m., Monday 20th July: 9a.m.-1p.m.)
Online Special Module
Language of Instruction: 
Target Group: 

Persons responsible for curricula designs on department and university level, interested teachers at universities, Careers Service personnel and similarly operational staff.

  • How to strengthen employability in higher education programs

  • How to deal with qualification mismatches

  • How to integrate company needs and alumni experience into higher education teaching and learning

  • How to build up a Careers Service and other measures to strengthen employability in higher education

The first session is dedicated to elaborate measures that can be helpful to strengthen employability in the HE context. Participants will elaborate measures between 13th and 20th of July via self-studies. On the 20th participants receive feedback for their elaborated measures in order to implement these measures strategically, structurally, and politically.

Learning Outcome: 
  •  Participants become aware of the topic employability and the possibilities to strengthen practical orientation in higher education teaching and learning
  • Participants get to know measures to strengthen employability at a German university and compare this approach with the situation and measures in Egypt

  • Participants develop specific measures to strengthen employability at their higher education institutions

  • Participants report back their results to HE representatives responsible for strategic and political decisions.
Organizational Remarks: 

 Necessary tools:

For the participants: stable internet connection, microphones and ideally webcams. Email-address, pdf and word-software.


 Training Methods:

  •  Inputs and presentations
  • Practice through working groups and group discussions

  • Self reflection

Trainer's Profile: 

 Andreas Eimer, M.A., M.Sc, created the University of Münster Careers Service in 1998. Managing this service unit as its head, he offers teaching and consulting to students and teachers and is responsible for the strategic development of the unit.

 Dr. Jan Knauer is manager of the project “Employability” at the University of Münster Careers Service since 2012. He consults deans, teachers and persons responsible for curricula designs in different faculties of the University of Münster.

 Both have given more than a dozen workshops in Europe, MENA region and South-East Asia on how to strengthen Employability of Higher Education Graduates and have consulted various ministries of Higher Education on the topic. 

Target Degree: